Where is the shooting taking place?

In principle, every shooting can take place indoors or outdoors. 

We don’t have a photo studio, i.e. we drive to our customers' homes and bring our mobile photo studio and equipment with us. We know many great outdoor locations in Moers and the surrounding area, but we are open to new locations.

Is the booking contractual?

Yes, of course, you will receive a contract with all the important information by email in advance.

What is photo editing?

Editing means image optimization in step, color, exposure. Of course, redness and pimples or similar are removed. 

Beauty retouching is offered upon request.

What happens if the photographer or client gets sick?

One of us will take over the appointment and if this is not possible, it can be postponed to the next possible date. If the customer is ill, the appointment will of course be postponed.

When will I receive the photos?

You will receive the first insight in a week as a download. You then select the images to be processed. We will process the images within 2 — 3 more weeks. Exceptions are wedding reports, for which we need 4 — 6 weeks and even up to 8 weeks in the high season.

When do I pay for the photo-shoot?

When booking the photo shoot, a deposit of 40% of the total price is required. The remaining amount will be paid directly in cash or PayPal after the photo shoot.

What happens in bad weather?

In case of rain, the shooting must either be postponed or take place at your home. In all other weather conditions, the shooting can take place outside.

Do you also drive to your customers outside of Moers for the shoot?

Yes, we charge 0.60 cents/km for a journey of 20 km or more from the center of Moers.

Do you also deliver the RAW files?

No, the RAW files are not passed. All pictures are saved for 6 (family, love story shooting) or 12 months (wedding).

Do you also do print pictures?

Yes, the print photos are particularly important! Afterwards, you will receive the high-resolution images on a wooden USB stick or download link, as well as high-quality photo prints, lovingly packaged in a wooden box or photo box with our logo.

When should the baby belly photo-shoot take place?

We recommend that you plan a pregnancy shoot from the 27th week of pregnancy. Seventh or early eighth months are perfect! Of course, the belly should also be nice and round. However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and, above all, that you are fit enough for a photo shoot. Appointments should be planned in such a way that there is no hectic pace. It’s better to come to us a little earlier than to overexert yourself during the shoot!

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